Congratulations to the Chinese Olympic team

August 8, 2020, Tokyo Olympic Games concluded, the Chinese delegation with 38 gold, 32 silver, 18 bronze total of 88 medals results ranked second in the world medal table, again with excellent results. Jincheng District, Tianjin, and other regions light up the light show to cheer for the Chinese athletes! Reproduce the Olympic athletes in the Tokyo Olympic Games to win the gold of the Sassou heroic appearance!

The night sky in Binhai’s shows the Chinese athletes’ performances

On the night of August 8, an “Olympic Shows”was staged over Bincheng District. The 1,000 drones have been launched, recreating the Chinese athletes who won gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

1,000 drones were launched in TEDA, Bincheng District, on the evening of August 8 to welcome the athletes back to the games, relive the exciting moments of the games and explain the spirit of the games, in Tokyo Olympic Games closing ceremony at the same time for the motherland, for the people to send a wonderful drone “Olympic blockbuster.”


Congratulations to the Chinese Olympic team in the form of a high-tech drone performance, relive the wonderful moments of the competition, and arouse the Chinese people’s strong sense of national identity, Pride!

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