How to install the induction lamp Homeless

In our lives, the sensor light is also very common, usually can see there are two, one is the body touch, the other is the voice control sensor light. We will often see in some stairways or stairways, automatically lit light bulbs, that is, sensor lights. How are these sensor lights installed? Today, we understand some of the installation methods of induction lights and notes, the installation of their own home is also very helpful.

How to Install the induction Lamp

  • Confirm voltage. Turn off the power when you install it. Connect power cord to 220VC, 50(Hz) , use 4 × 25 flat head tapping screw to fix on ceiling or wall through chassis (need to be fixed firmly and safely) .
  • Wiring. one of the lamp power cord with wire and wire connected together, the other with the zero wire together, after connecting hard to pull the wire , not to fall. Install the bulb, glass or back cover. It’s ready for trial run. The first time the product is connected to the power supply, there will be three consecutive lights, that is normal, but during the day or strong light will not normally light, in the dark at night when people can automatically light. If in the daytime, with a black cloth cover tightly infrared probe lens, after ten seconds (do not let its light) can also try its light work.

Installation and debugging of induction lamp

  1.  Since the left and right sides of the switch have a larger induction range than the upper and lower sides, when the switch is installed, its positive axis should be perpendicular to the direction of the human walking channel as far as possible, so as to achieve the best induction effect.
  2. After the switch is installed, the power is turned on. When the ambient light is sufficient, the bulb will flash three times. After one minute the initialization is over, the switch will enter the monitoring state. The switch will be activated by covering the ambient light with an object so that the switch does not leave and is active, the switch will continue to work; after the person leaves, the switch automatically delays the turn-off of the load.
  3. Install the switch after power, when the environment light is insufficient, the switch directly into the monitoring state, people do not leave and in the activity, the switch will continue to work.


1. Please do not operate with electricity when installing, wait for the installation before adding power.

2. Do not use it beyond the power range.

3. Switch is suitable for indoor environment, please do not install in outdoor harsh environment.

4. When installing, please install the smart lamp in the place where people often move (ceiling or wall), which can improve its sensitivity and working range.

5. Don’t install on a damp ceiling or wall.

6. Disconnect the power supply before cleaning. Please choose the non-corrosive cleaning agent when cleaning.

7.After the installation of lamps in a certain space can not use acid or alkaline chemical solvents, otherwise on the lamp plating or paint damage.

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